Aerobic exercises work the heart, which is a muscle, in strengthening it. But the benefits of aerobic exercises are beyond the heart, the whole body benefits from it.

Many of the benefits are with the practice of regular aerobic exercises (3 to 6 days a week). Here are some of them:

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The more immediate results are the improvements in energy and improvement of blood circulation. The other benefits operate as a “savings account”: where the more we practice, the more our health improves through exercises such as walking, pedaling, and dance or swim.

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It is important to regularly workout to improve results with physical activity. The cumulative effects are the most effective for health. In addition, we can feel the effects of relaxation after aerobic exercises by the release of endorphins which is a neurotransmitter like acetylcholine and dopamine; they are all released in aerobic exercises. These hormones are called hormones of pleasure by the effects of relaxation that they produce.

Don’t forget to do your daily aerobic exercises!

XoXo and have a happy-fun workout! [love]