Since all fashion week happens all over the world, many times, we are in doubt of how to incorporate what we see on the runway to everyday life. We are going to show you throughout the blog hot new trends for the season and how they can be worn in your day-to-day. The trend we will be discussing is long and heavy knit clothing that was very much shown on the runway.  How to wear this style? First, find a piece that can be worn with several different clothes that you have in your wardrobe to create different looks full of styles. If you don’t already have one in a neutral color, take advantage of this tone, it can make all the difference. Pair it up with long skirts or skinny jeans – you can’t go wrong. In contrary to the runway, you can wear your cardigan with more basic items you have, that way you look won’t be so dramatic. Consider the tweed as a layering; it can be worn on top of tops and tank tops. Inspire yourselves and try out this new trend.
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