Hi loves!

The “Hair Wizard” is back yet again with a beautiful tutorial, LOW PONYTAIL WITH VOLUME that you have all voted last week! I want to go ahead and thank you all for participating; I am really having fun with “The Hair Wizard”!!! We are already on our sixth hairstyle (of 8), I have to confess that I am already getting sad that it is almost ending (haha), but stay tuned since I still have two beautiful hairstyles to show for the upcoming weeks.


This Low Ponytail with Volume is such a charm, I was anxious to show you the tutorial because it’s beautiful, super charming, and really easy to do. It’s that kind of hairstyle that gives“OOMPH” to the ensemble, you know?! Perfect for parties and also more formal occasions. Let’s check it out?



High Fixation Spray

Super Glossy Serum

Crystal Rose Lipstick

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I want to thank everyone who voted last week, I love it when you guys participate! Don’t forget to check out next Thursday’s hairstyle! Simply log on to www.eudora.com.br