Hi ladies,

As I have said several times, in my opinion, a well-done skin is the number one rule for a perfect makeup. To choose a right foundation shade can be a challenge sometimes but you have to have patience and will power, and you will get there haha. After all, testing several foundation in the store is not as easy as it seems, right?! A superrrrr important tip is: NEVER buy a foundation that you tested only on your wrist or hand, it is extremely important that you test it on your face, since not always our hands are the same shade as our face. Mine, for example, is lighter than my body, since it has not been under the sun, so I chose a shade that will match with the skin tone of my neck and shoulders, got it?

Since I receive so many questions from all of you with this type of concern, I decided to do a post giving tips of how to choose the right foundation shade. Ready? Write it down ladies:

Before anything: Find out your skin tone!

Wearing the wrong foundation shade can be a big disaster; the famous “undertone” is huge when it comes to making a decision. The skin has 3 basic tones: hot, cold or neutral. An easy way to determine your skin tone can be with your preference in jewelry. If your skin looks brighter and more vibrant in accessories of gold, your tone should probably be hot. If your skin stands out more in the silver/white gold, this may indicate that your tone is cold. If your skin seems similarly in silver and gold, then you are most likely a neutral tone. If you do not use jewelry, I have another tip, notice your wrist. Bluish veins indicate cold tones; greenish veins are hot and a combination of the two would be the neutral category.

Warm foundation shades – normally comes in yellowish and gold hues in the lighter range, and gold to orange-red in the darker range.

Cold foundation shades – pink to reddish in lighter range, blue-red even green-olive in deeper range.

Neutral shades – it is a mixture of either warm or cold

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1- Must have patience: as I said earlier, choosing the right foundation is not an easy task: you have to go to the store without makeup, test several types and brands, smell, take pictures, etc. .. All this to ensure the right tone for your skin.

2- Be careful with the color: if you have the shoulders and neck darker than the face, be extremely careful to choose the tone of the foundation to match the part of the body that will be shown. So you don’t run the risk of getting the face much more lighter than the rest of the body or vice versa.

3- Be careful with the lighting of the store: I receive several comments saying that at the time that the foundation was chosen and tested in the store, the color was perfect but when arrived at home it was very light or dark for the face, for this is not the case, test the foundation and leave the store to see the actual color, generally the lighting can change the color of it.

4- Search the Internet: see tutorials, photos and reviews of how the foundation is in other people, it is also super important even to have a concept of how it behaves throughout the day and its durability. But this is only one item of all other tips, never buy a foundation based ONLY on what you have seen on the internet, ok?!

5- Test and go home: Yes! Go in the store, test the foundation, and go and see how the foundation behaves during the day and if it works with your skin type, tell the seller that you will see if you really like it and if so, then go back and buy it.

6- But what if I already bought the wrong color?!  This is what happened to me and I am sure that many of you also. At times we spend our precious bucks on a foundation and when we get home, it ends up being too dark or too light, so here goes some tips for not wasting it:

– If it was too dark: mix with any hydrant or sunscreen that is lighter, this will smoothen the color of the foundation and leave it lighter for your face;

– If it was too light: apply the foundation on the face and then apply a bronzing powder in certain points of the face.

– Taking advantage of the two: here we take advantage of everything haha, use the lighter to illuminate below the eyes and the nose, and the dark to circumvent the face;

Did you like the tips girls? I want to know if with these tips you were able to pick out the right foundation shade that matched your face, tell me everything!

I will make another post giving tips on how to choose a foundation shade ONLINE, what do you think?!