Today is Friday and unfortunately I don’t have a video ready for you guys. As I had said here and on social networks, at the beginning of the week I had an allergic reaction here in NY and I had to go to the hospital twice. I had to come back home to rest. I continue to take anti-allergy medication and since they are super strong (it makes me drowsy) I didn’t have the strength to record a video. Next week I will come back with a bang and full of energy with beautiful videos for you all. Maybe two?! Since there was none for this week! =)

Today’s post is of a review that I had prepared for you before I was traveling. I got as a gift from Gabi and Mandy (from Blog Starving) the Blog Starving by Tracta lipstick and eye shadow collection and I liked the colors soooo much that I decided to come show you !

Let’s start off with the eye shadows/pigments. Gabi and Mandi were so happy with their choices, creating two eye shadows in incredible and versatile tones that really highlight the eyes! The Orion is a bronze, so glam (loved it) and the Hydra, a beautiful blue/silver, perfect for a stunning smokey. Take a look.

starving tracta2


I really liked the Andrômeda lipstick so much that I have already worn it twice! It is a “copy” or look-a-like of one of my Mac favorites, the “Flat Out Fabulous”, a beautiful and exuberant pink that is super feminine; pretty for day or night makeup. Check out below how beautiful with stunning smokey eyes!

starving tracta4


Did you like it ladies? I loved it!!!

XoXo and a beautiful weekend to us!