There is a newwww Vlog today!!! I know how much you girls enjoy videos like these, and how much you ask me to show a little more about my day-to-day. Today with so many trips it’s a bit difficult to maintain a routine, so everyday for me is something new. When I am traveling, my days are extremely full and rushed, doing events, photos for campaigns/materials, brand appearances, and etc (but even still, I have my moments at night to post haha). When I am home, I take the time to concentrate and prepare posts with lots of contents… test out and photograph products, records videos, and etc. Many times thou, there is always something extra that pops up on the agenda, such as responding to interviews and photos for special materials like the day I recorded this Vlog! I gave an interview to the Veja magazine and we had a full day of pictures in Boston, really close to my house!

I recorded once again through my cell phone, like the vlog I recorded in France. Super relax! Hehe I really hope you enjoy it!!!