I started the week off hyper and prepared a beautiful photo tutorial for you! I created a magnetic makeup which is super easy to do, perfect for events at night! I used international products (Brazil), Eudora (a brand that I love!), and the cool thing is that with very few products we create a powerful and seductive makeup!

Check out the step-by-step below. I hope you enjoy it!!!

  1. With a pointier brush, apply the Black Duo Baked Power Magnetic eye shadow along the concave (creating a V).
  2. With an eyelid brush, apply the Silver shadow from the Duo Baked Magnetic Power across the eyelid. Here I wet the brush, to give an even more metallic effect. LOVE IT!
  3. With a blending brush, blend the two colors making a gradient between them. Also blend the edges to give it a  smoother look.
  4. Apply liner along the upper and lower eyelashes, and also apply the Kajal Pencil and  along the water line.
  5. With a flat/straight top brush, apply Black Duo Baked Magnetic shadow very close to the lower eyelashes.
  6. Finalize the striking look with the water proof Magnificent black Mascara on the lower and upper lashes.
  7. Apply the long lasting Bordô Magnético lipstick which is such a chic and stunning color.

eudora fotorial



    • Kajal Pencil with Black Absolut shadow
    • MagneticEyes Duo Baked shadow in Poder Magnético color
    • Eudora waterproof Magnífica mascara
    • LipDeluxe Longa lasting Bordô Magnético lipstick

1 make magnetica

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What did you think of the makeup?!