Everyone knows that I have always loved working out, right?!  I been going to the gym since I was 17, but today with my crazy travel schedule and never being home, I lost my routine. I must confess thou that I have tried, because exercising makes me feel so good – mainly because I see results! When I travel I try to exercise at the hotel (at times I even do some exercises in the room haha) and when I am home, I like to go to the gym or workout at home, like I did today in the morning. Lets be real, there are some days we are so lazy to leave the house… for that reason, I bought some basic workout tools to help me do the exercises that I like the most without having to go to the gym.  combine that has days that a preguiçaaaa to leave the house …. and so I bought some basic equipment to help me to do the exercises that more taste without having to go to the gym.

What I like to workout the most is legs, buttocks and abdomen, and for that, I bought a few dumbbells (for squatting – legs), sand bags (for gluteus maximus) and a ball for abdominal muscles! Simple!

These two weeks that I have been home, I worked out at the gym and also here at home outside since it has been so nice out!


My super cute look was with pieces from my collection with Alto Giro. Pink and yellow shorts (one of my favorite pieces) and a plain sleeveless top. LOVE IT!

A few of the exercises I like to do at home is as follows below:


Did you like the tips?!

Whether it is at home or at the gym, lets get out buts off the couch and workout! haha