The famous Burgundy lipstick has definitely become the most chic shade for Autumn/Winter. Yes, red will always be a classic, but burgundy is so bold! Don’t you agree?!  Yes, right? Haha A feminine color, chic and very powerful, which can give an oomph to any look! That little black dress, a total white look can make a super chic combination with the burgundy tones on the lips. I love it, and since it’s Winter in Brazil, I decided to review a stunning lipstick (which was a great success on my snapchat) – the Ursula from the Pausa Para Feminices collection by Tracta. {Bru Tavares, our top collaborator, always strikes out with her collections. I LOVE IT}.

What I liked most, not only the color (haha) was the matte finish. It is matte but its not that super dry lipstick that is hard to apply. It slides on well and looks AMAZING!!! Check it out.

Batom Ursula inverno camila coelho

camila coelho batom outono inverno burgundy

camila coelho batom outono ursula tracta

Did you like the color?!