Ladiessss, yesterday was National Lipstick Day. You all know I am crazy about lipsticks of various colors and textures so I had to do a post for you! To celebrate together, I selected some of my favorite Natura lipsticks. Check it out:

Photo Jul 29, 6 01 18 PM

camila coelho usa batom balm natura aquarela pink

BATOM BALM NATURA AQUARELA PINK: Starting off with this beautiful pink, this color is part of the balm collection that I love and I always have one in my purse! This pink is an awesome choice to strike out with a bold look!

camila coelho usa batom balm natura aquarela rosa claro

BATOM BALM NATURA AQUARELA LIGHT PINK: Another balm by Natura Aquarela, I love this light pink because it is so romantic and goes well with pretty much anything you wear – the cool thing about the balms is that it hydrates the lips and they come in super intense shades, this color you can wear it during the day or at night.

camila coelho usa batom natura aquarela hidratante boca 33

BATOM NATURA AQUARELA HYDRATING BOCA 33: I love nude lipsticks! This is one that I have been wearing a lotttt! I love this color for being so versatile, you can wear it with a bold makeup or even with a more natural one!

camila coelho usa batom natura aquarela matte nude 06

BATOM NATURA AQUARELA MATTE NUDE 06: This is such a beautiful nude for having a matte finish – which I love. It has a pinkish undertone and looks amazing with bold smokey eyes!

camila coelho usa batom natura aquarela vinho 01

BATOM NATURA AQUARELA BURGUNDY 01: Esse This burgundy is so sensual! This color looks great on colder days, it is matte but does not dry out the lips!

camila coelho usa batom natura una vermelho 2

BATOM NATURA UNA VERMELHO 2: I am OBSESSED with red, you all know that right?! I had to share this one with you guys. It is a super intense color and it lasts for soo long on the lips. If you have a red lipstick and thats all you need! haha camila coelho swatch batons Natura

Which one is your favorite?