Hi ladies!

Today I am here to talk about one of Natura’s product that really impressed me since the first time I used it: Natura Una’s liquid foundation. The coverage is incredible, I did not have to layer on the product, the first time I applied, it left my skin with a beautiful aspect and with a super natural finish. Moreover, it covers all blemishes and imperfections! It’s definitely a MUST HAVE! haha.

In addition to having SPF 15, it comes with the Chronos Technology – which reduces the signs of aging (awesome right? ), and it also controls the skins oiliness – I used it and my skin was dry/matte all day long and I didn’t even have to retouch.  It comes with a great variety of colors, 8 shades of lighter to darker tones, with pink and yellowish undertones! My color is Beige. I loved it and I think you will enjoy it as well!

camila coelho base liquida natura una

base liquida Natura Una  FPS 15

Swatches of the 8 shades below!

base swatch 8 cores

Na ordem da foto:

Bege Translucido/ Bege Rosado/ Bege Claro /Bege Médio / Bege Castanho / Marrom Claro/ Marrom Médio / Marrom escuro

SUPER aprovada!