Today’s post is all bout drugstore products that I can’t live without. I have separated my top five, check it out:

1- Tresemme Expect Selection Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray
This product does wonders to the hair! All you have to do is spray it all over your hair before you use a curling iron or before you do that bun I showed on this post, and voilà! It gives the hair a beautiful texture and with super natural beach waves. I love it!


2- Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Shadows
These eyeshadows are amazing because they come in a variety of beautiful colors, with great pigmentation and longer lasting effect – not to mention how easy they are to apply! I use my fingers to apply it and the more layers you put on, the more intense the color gets. They are super practical and easy to use!


3- Colossal & The Falsies Maybelline Mascaras
In my opinion, these are the best drugstore mascaras. They really leave the lashes with an amazing effect. The Colossal is for volume and the Falsies help lengthen the lashes. For those you have been following me for a while know that I use them a lot, especially the Falsies.


4- Cera Nutritiva de cutículas da Granado
This is a Brazilian drugstore product that I love which can be found on Amazon. I have always loved taking care of my cuticles and feel like the nail polish looks so much with healthy cuticles. As you may already know, I get my nails done at a salon, but sometimes when I am unable to go, I do it myself. This cuticle cream is one of my favorites to treat and to soften the cuticle.


5- Bepantol Derma
This ointment is a miracle worker and is great to keep the lips hydrated! It has a super moisturizing and restorative action which is great for the winter time! For those who get very chapped and dry lips, it is a must-have! Usually I apply it before applying lipstick or before going to bed so I can wake up with princess lips! Haha. You can find this product on Amazon for a really affordable price.

What did you think of the tips?