You all know that I love to wrap up my makeup with a mascara that leaves the lashes super long and voluminous, right?!  Mascara makes such a huge difference, especially those day-to-day makeups – it totally gives an OOMPH to the look! That is why today I am here to share a tip of one that I am IN LOVE with, which is the Extreme Volume Mascara by Natura Una. The most special thing about it is its unique brush, which is curved and the tip is fuller, which reaches up to the smallest lashes, giving extra volume throughout the eyelashes. In addition, it is longer lasting, does not stick the eyelashes to one another and it has waterproof and washable versions.

A tip that I use often while finishing my makeup is to apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes to really open up the eyes. It leaves the eyelashes super bold!!! It is immediate volume even on the smallest lash strands.

natura maquiagem express camila coelho

Another product that I will never stop wearing and I have talked about it here before – Are the Natura Aquarela lipsticks.  I use it sooo in my my day-to-day because it has great coverage and duration, in addition to the diversity of colors and finishes!! The Matte  vinho 01 Lipstick is my favorite – the coolest thing about vibrant and very dark lipsticks is that it leaves any production beautiful, but despite that, I know that many women are afraid to dare on bold colors. So my tip is: TRY IT! After doing your foundation routine, start with a vibrant lipstick and then do your eyeshadow, I guarantee you will love the results.

Check out the beautiful colors that are part of my list of favorites:

natura aquarela batons review swatches

natura aquarela batons swatches

1. Hydrating Lipstick SPF8 Copper 04: A burnt nude in a glam version! Haha. Perfect for those who are not used to wearing color.

2. Matte Lipstick SPF10 Pink 03: A super versatile pink, that perfect color to leave the day-to-day look a bit more feminine. (I have been wearing it often)

3. Hydrating Lipstick SPF8 Pink 17: Shimmery pink, looks incredible with black smokey eyes.

4. Hydrating Lipstick SPF8 Pink 64: Pink with a coral undertone which looks amazing on blondes.

5. Matte Lipstick SPF10 Burgundy 01: Super bold and feminine color that goes well with all skin tones!

natura maquiagem express camila coelho 1

Let me know which were your favorite colors!