One of the best times of the year for me is Christmas, the city is beautifully decorated, the Christmas vibe is incredible and I love getting together with the whole family at home to celebrate a special day like this. One of my favorite things is thinking of what I am going to wear  – even if I am spending it at home, I love dressing up and most of the time I go for something more lady-like; I always end up choosing a skirt of dress. For this reason, today I gathered some of my past looks for you to get some inspiration when putting together your Christmas look. Check it out:

inspiração de looks natalinos camila coelho vermelho

Red is always the color option that I like the most for the day and it matches the Christmas theme.  As much as it may be cliché, I think creating a total red look is so beautiful around this time of the year. Haha. I have separated completely different ensembles, but in the same color, for you to have more options when putting together your outfit. If your Christmas is more relaxed, replace high heels with flats.

inspiração de looks natalinos camila coelho toques de vermelho

If you are not a big fan of a total red look, but you like the idea of wearing this color for this day, a nice option is to wear an accessory or at least one piece in red, that way the outfit is more fun while still being in the theme.  I love this mix in of pastel blue with red that I wore in the third look, super stylish and comfortable at the same time.

inspiração de looks natalinos camila coelho pink

For the girls who want to wear something a bit more basic but also like to wear a monochrome look, go for a Pink look. Not only is it a cheerful tone, it’s a warm and romantic.  I separated these two that have completely different proposals: left is more serious and super girly while the right is cool and chique.

inspiração de looks natalinos camila coelho florido

Finally, if you love wearing a mixture of colors, go for floral pieces, this print is super in right now. I chose three comfy and feminine outfits, just be careful when choosing your accessories. Go for more simple and basic jewelry and purses.

Of course I had to give you some makeup ideas, after all, it’s one of our favorite touches to the

inspirações de looks para usar no natal camila coelho make batom vermelho

The same way that I LOVE to wear red outfits for Christmas, I also love matching my makeup to it. Therefore, I chose this option with a more basic cat eye and lashes and finalized with red lips. I think this style is super classic and chic, you can’t go wrong with it! click here to check out this tutorial!

inspirações de looks para usar no natal camila coelho make colorido

Another great option is to wear colored eye shadows that draw attention and that at the same time are super sophisticated. For this option, I chose a beautiful pink shade with a touch of brown. For the lips, I went with a nude lipstick so it wouldn’t contrast with the eyes. Click here to check out the tutorial!

inspirações de looks para usar no natal camila coelho make iluminada

A bronze makeup with touches of gold is another great option for Christmas especially if your outfit option is colorful or floral. Check out this tutorial HERE!

inspirações de looks para usar no natal camila coelho make clean

Lastly, if your Christmas night is more quiet and relaxed, I separated this clean yet sophisticated makeup for inspiration. The idea of this makeup is just to emphasize our beauty without using too many products, a great option for the day or night. Click here to watch the tutorial.

I hope I was able to help you with some inspirations while choosing the perfect outfit and makeup for such a special occasion.

Leave me comments below and let me know which one is more you!