Paris Fashion Week has already started and on my first day I attended one of my favorite shows: Dior! It is always very special, I drool and want every piece of the collection! Haha. I always wear an exclusive look of the brand and this time it was not different, I chose a total Dior ensemble. The outfit was sort of school girl yet super cool, I was completely in love with the shoes! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! The cool thing about this looks is that you can wear the dress as a vest with pants or shorts underneath, it’ll look incredible and a totally different way of wearing it.  l

For my look I chose to wear it as a dress with a plain black long sleeve shirt underneath for an extra layer. I finalized with a choker and a mini purse. As for my hair, I put it underneath the choker for a more dramatic and different effect, different from what I usually do to it. Check it out:

PFW loos desfile dior camila coelho2

PFW loos desfile dior camila coelho3

PFW loos desfile dior camila coelho4

PFW loos desfile dior camila coelho5

Stay tuned because I will be sharing with you all my looks from Paris Fashion Week here on the blog, after all, its always amazing being here!