With the madness of fashion weeks and going from different climates, what really gets affected the most is our skin and hair, right?! In spite of already being in the cold of the US, the climate in Paris is totally different, for this reason, I always need to use something that moisturizes my hair really well and that will leave it shiny – after all, my hair also gets damaged with the hot tools I usually use to style it with during these Fashion Weeks.

For these reasons stated, I came across the Reload Positive Beauty.  The brand invited me to test out their products of  their new line #Rehabme during Paris fashion week and I simply fell in love! Reload is made in Brazil, it was created and developed by the sisters Sofia and Duda, and this line #rehabme, has products for rebuilding the hair without sulphate, paraben, and the best part, they are not tested on animals.

I tried it out during my days in Paris and I awaited the results to come share with you what I thought: it gave my hair amazing texture, no tangles or breakage, with an incredible shine and super hydrated! I definitely recommend it! I really did like this product.

camila coelho post reload2

The good thing too is that I noticed a big difference super fast. It is definitely a product worth trying out. I am certain you will also like it!