Summer is already coming to an end but in Brazil, spring is approaching and you guys know how much I love this time of the year, right?! I wake up in a good mood just by seeing the sun shining through the window, even my makeup changes. During this season, I like to go for more colorful lipsticks and vibrant eyeshadows with lots of shimmer. Who else is like this? Haha.

Therefore, to take advantage of some new launches from Natura Aquarela,  I created a super easy to do makeup with a brown and champagne smokey! To finalize, I applied a few coats of mascara, brown kajal liner, and a touch of color on the lips with a pink Matte lipstick that I love!

natura ciclo 14 cores sombra camila coelho2

natura ciclo 14 cores sombra camila coelho3

Along with this intense yet basic pink (Matte lipstick Rosa 03), check out the other colors that are my favorites from Natura Aquarela to leave your lips super colorful:

natura ciclo 14 cores sombra camila coelho4

natura ciclo 14 cores sombra camila coelho5 copia
 1- Natura Aquarela Gloss Lipstick in Nude 01: this gloss lipstick is perfect for those who are more practical and like a subtle shine on the lips but with full coverage. It has an awesome texture and is super easy to apply with an SPF 8.

2- Natura Aquarela Balm Lipstick in Guava: Natura’s balm lipsticks are the type of products that are a must have in your purse. Not only do they have a 24hr hydration formula, it is full cover and with a precise application. I love this shade, it’s so IN right now and it goes well with various looks!

3- Natura Aquarela Matte Pink 03 Lipstick: This was the lipstick I wore today, I am in love with matte lipsticks! The cool thing about this lipstick is that it doesn’t dry out the lips and it leaves it with an intense and uniform color. Tip: for those who like this effect, dazzle yourselves in glitter and highlighter in other areas of the face!

4. Hydrating Lipstick in Red 45: I loveee this shade of red!  It leaves the look super vibrant and goes with practically all skin tones. It is a classic lipstick that hydrates your lips immediately and has a creamy finish.

natura ciclo 14 cores sombra camila coelho6
On my eyes I used the 2 new eyeshadow quads which comes with intense and super pigmented colors which are versatile and really practical to carry in your purse. There are a total of 8 shades that goes from shimmery green to metallic pearl. LOVED IT!
natura ciclo 14 cores sombra camila coelho7