It does not get any better than being comfortable in the summer, right ?! But often this is not an easy task when choosing the look of the day and hence comes the idea of today’s post: dresses.

For some reason, dresses are pieces that are often left aside when setting up the daily look and end up being worn only in two strands: for more formal occasions or for something more relaxing, such as a weekend in the park. But why not bet on the piece in office looks or even for times when we need to be tidy but with a cooler and more stylish touch?

Dresses are super versatile pieces and if they are worn with the right compositions, it can become your sweetheart piece of summer, after all, in addition to keeping the production with a touch of freshness, it guarantees style without effort. Want to see?

Aposte nos Vestidos Nesse Verão camila coelho

As you may already know, I’m passionate about dresses! For me any occasion is a reason to wear the most feminine and comfortable piece that exists. Not to mention that versatility is one more reason to bet on my darling item of life: You can wear it day or night, with or without a heel, to go to the beach or to a wedding, anyway .. this is the piece that will make your summer look fresh, comfy and stylish at the same time!

Aposte nos Vestidos Nesse Verão camila coelho

Did you like the tips, my loves?