Do you love summer, vacations and sunny days full of color, but prefer more neutral and basic looks, that escape that neon or patterned style? Then check out three light inspirations with a mix of neutral tones to enjoy the hottest days of the year, without leaving style aside.

Photo: Vogue España/CordonPress

Photo: Follow Of Style

Good old denim shorts never go out of style! Comfortable and versatile, this piece is available in different models, such as high waisted, clochard, distressed and others, and can be worn in a million different combinations and styles.

Photo: Elle

Photo: Leather Celebrities

Owner of several models of mini dresses, model Kendall Jenner shows how the piece can be worn in everyday looks and even compose the most daring and nocturnal looks. This delicate piece requires extra care in movements, so as not to show anything beyond what the model covers.

Photos: Laguna Pearl

For those who love longer and equally comfortable pieces, combining the flowy and light, it’s worth betting on looser skirts and shirts. The trick for shirts is always to fold the sleeves, open the buttons to the center of the bust, or even invest in pieces with different cutouts.

We brought three classic pieces worn during the summer, but for different styles, without leaving comfort aside. And we want to know in the comments below: which piece is a must have in your closet during the summer? Oh, and which of the three styles above do you identify with the most?