Far beyond cosmetics, the skincare routine has gained gadgets and accessories that complement skin treatments and even provide a moment of well-being and self-care. That’s why today we’re sharing the main gadgets available in the market and how each one works.

Facial cleansing brushes are ideal for deeply removing all residues and impurities from the skin, as well as giving a gentle massage to the face. The tip here is not to use too much force when using this device, since it can irritate and even hurt the skin. If you choose manual brushes, choose those with soft bristles.

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For a complete facial massage, increased absorption of cosmetics on the skin, toning and improving skin elasticity, bet on rollers and Gua Sha of quartz or jade, accessories that are part of Chinese medicine and have these and other numerous benefits for the skin health. You can use a roller to help depuff your face, almost like a facial drainage. Gua Sha, on the other hand, helps to activate blood circulation and even increases the skin’s radiance.

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To use them, all you need is clean skin, and to glide them on better, choose your favorite facial moisturizer or oil. Use the accessories by making movements only from the inside to the outside of the face and neck, never back.

A great reference in beauty gadgets, Foreo presents two innovative versions for skin care. The first is a massager for the eye area, helping to reduce the appearance of tiredness and fine lines in the region.

Now, if you want to apply facial masks in a technological way, the brand also has its own device for this. This gadget works intelligently and through an application, performing a complete facial treatment in just 90 seconds.

Photo: Foreo

Photo: Foreo

Want more? To store your cosmetics and even accessories such as the Gua Sha and jade rollers, you can have a mini fridge. Some products require constant refrigeration, or can ensure greater freshness, so the mini fridge can indeed be a complement to your skincare routine. But after all, what can we store in it? Facial masks, serums and even gel creams.

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So, which gadget is already part of your routine and which one would you like to try out?