Not too cold and not too hot. The mid-season allows us to wear items that can move around the wardrobe all year long. These pieces are essential and ideal to complement the look in a versatile and stylish way.


Black tights are perfect for autumn and can be worn with more casual pieces such as denim shorts and even more sophisticated pieces, such as a white shirt, blazer and a more flowy dress. On your feet, you can switch between boots and even sneakers.

Photo: Dani Noce

Denim Jacket-

The denim jacket is a classic in any wardrobe and despite having a heavier fabric, this piece is not super warm on the body, but at the same time protects it from the cold wind of autumn mornings and nights. Crazy, right? You can produce an all denim look, or even combine it with other fabrics and garment types.

Photo: Feira Shop

For the mid seasons, comfort is what prevails. Focus on pieces that keep you protected from the heat during the day, but also from the winds at night. The fabrics are light but cover the body just right.

Photo: MB Bastos & Co.


The parka is also a good choice, both for fall and winter. Made of twill, this piece has an elongated design, a hood, a drawstrings to make it tighter, and large side pockets.

Photo: Dani Noce

Now tell me, what pieces are in your closet during mid-seasons?