Those who think dress shirts are an exclusive piece for formal events is wrong. The meaning of the piece can change according to the other elements chosen to compose the look, and today we’re here to show you some combinations made with this piece (believe me, it is versatile indeed!).

In the look above, Camila mixed the two styles to wear the dress shirt. Despite the classic combinations of the dress shirt with the pleated skirt, we noticed that the look also has a laid-back feel, thanks to the overlap made with the brallette and sock showing – almost a college outfit, right? But with a more modern and sexy look at the same time.

Here we notice two other ways to wear the dress shirt, both with shorts and sunglasses, but notice how the first look is more casual and light, great for that moment to relax and enjoy in comfort, thanks to the denim shorts and the model of the shirt, which features a lighter fabric and a long V-neck, and can even be used as a beach cover up.

The second look, on the other hand, is a slightly more elegant combination and can be worn in different situations – from a working lunch, to a casual evening event. Despite also having a long V-neck, when the shirt is tucked inside (in this case, the shorts), we noticed that the look takes on a more formal vibe.

Photo: Fashionismo

Photo: Fashionismo

For more sophisticated ensembles with a dress shirt, but equally stylish, you should pay attention to the other details that will make up the look. Above we put two different compositions, but that carry this more elegant air.

In the first one, the look combines a dress up shirt with cargo pants, a casual bag, and espadrille shoes with laces. The second, on the other hand, has dress up pants with a straighter fit and long high heels. Très chic!

Photo: Fashionismo

And if you prefer a more laid-back look, rock the combination of a dress shirt with shorter pieces at the bottom. That is, you can wear the shirt almost like a dress and underneath let the detail of a skirt show through, or wear it with high-waisted shorts.

To add more detail to the look, you can fold the sleeves of the shirt, or wear it entirely closed. On the feet? Try out different options, from high heels to comfortable sneakers.

And of course, let me know in the comments: what is your favorite way to wear a dress shirt?