Style and comfort in the same shoe? Yes, it is possible! For everyday life, evening events, vacations, or even more formal occasions, check out our selection of versatile shoes below.


Photo: Ju Tedesco

Flats evolved, but did not leave comfort aside. If before, these shoes used to go unnoticed in the looks, now they get new colors and even straps & laces. Far beyond shorts and dresses, the new models can be combined with wider pants and even tailored pieces. That is, you can wear it during other seasons as well.

White Sneakers

Photo: Jéssica Flores

Available in different models, the white sneaker is the classic “must-have” in the wardrobe. This type of footwear can be combined with more casual ensembles and even more formal and classic pieces.

Tractor/Chunky Boots

Photo: Jéssica Flores

The tractor boots and even the chunky boots, are great shoes for those who can’t do without comfort and a good dose of style. Despite their heavier appearance, it is possible to combine these shoes with different outfits and occasions, completely transforming the look.

Mary Jane

Photo: Imax Tree

It looks like flats, but it’s not! The mary jane shoe has a delicate, feminine shape with a thin strap, which can follow the color of the shoe or have other details. This shoe is ideal for those who have a more romantic style.

Which style of shoes did you like the most?