The hot days are just around the corner and I couldn’t be happier! This climate calls for a colorful and fresh look, but without leaving style aside, so I chose a mini dress from Camila Coelho Collection‘s newest launch.

Oliver Mini Dress é um vestido sexy, mas ao mesmo tempo leve, feito em um delicado tecido de cetim azul perolado. Essa peça possui alças finas no ombro e um clássico decote capuz, que destaca e traz um charme à região do colo.

The Oliver Mini Dress is a sexy, yet lightweight dress made of a delicate pearly blue satin fabric. This piece has thin shoulder straps and a classic cowl neckline that highlights and adds charm to the neck region.

The detail that I love the most is in the back, on account of the back T-strap with silver tone chain link and tie clasp. Bold, isn’t it?

This piece is looser at strategic points of the body, such as in the tummy (which is already showing ❤) and even in the back, which brings even more comfort – especially on those days when I spend the whole day out of the house.

This piece is versatile, so you can wear it for different occasions of the day to day. Did you notice that before it had a more casual look, but with the blazer, it became straighter and a “formal” fit? It all depends on the add-ons you choose.

To complete this look, I opted for accessories in two shades of yellow, a color that I love (and that you can find in some new pieces from Camila Coelho Collection) and that is the face of summer! The black and white sunnies gave a contrast to the look but still with a fun side, due to the dalmatian-style print.

Now I want to know: what colors do you wear the most on hot days? And what did you think of this look I wore?