As you know, I love wearing colors in the looks and accessories I choose for different occasions. And of course, in the summer this is even more present in my pieces, going from monochromatic to complementary colors. But believe it or not, I LOVE wearing more neutral and even darker pieces during the hottest season of the year!

Check out this perfect look in black, with a mini length and powerful cuts, just the way I like it! And of course, because of the pregnancy, nothing better than a lot of comfort, right, so every detail of the look expresses that.

Dress: Camila Coelho Collection | Bag: Jimmy Choo | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Blazer: Camila Coelho Collection

Although I love mini pieces that emphasize curves, I also love complementing them with coats and blazers with a straighter cut, bringing even more information to the look. In fact, I used wore combination A LOT during pregnancy!

Obviously I couldn’t leave a touch of color aside lol, so I left that role to the accessories, like the Jimmy Choo bag and sneakers, with details in this iconic green! “Sneakers, Camilla?” – Yes ma’am, the final stretch of pregnancy right guys lol, so I’m no longer able to wear my beloved high heels so much anymore.

I loved every detail of this look and I will certainly wear it a lot more (soon with baby Coelho on my lap, right?). What do you like the most about this look and what would you take for your closet?