Ready to rock it? I am and I’ll explain why! This look has already become special to me as it marks the first time I managed to get dressed the way I love, after the birth of baby Kai. Oh, what a thrill!

Moms will certainly understand me, because when we have a child, all the time in the world is dedicated to him, so when we get a little time for ourselves, it’s pure luxury lol.

I felt so good putting on this powerful dress and more than that, it marks a very important moment for my brand, Camila Coelho Collection. CCC’s new pieces for REVOLVE are part of the NYFW Gallery and are now available on the website ( It has everything we love most in fashion: leather, beading, cut outs… It’s mind blowing!

And well, this breathtaking dress is the Eva Leather Midi Dress, a piece made of 100% leather, with a comfortable lining made of polyester and elastic. This dress is completely aligned on the body, enhancing the curves and highlighting unique parts – and that I love!

With a touch of sensuality, this piece has a deep V neckline and a long slit in the leg region, in addition to a more puckered fit in the abdomen region. To complete the look, it has a hidden back zipper and gloves, that’s right, leather gloves to make the look even more powerful, striking, sexy… everything you have the right to lol!

I finished off the look with strappy sandals that brings even more elegance to the outfit and silver accessories, which stand out and also make the black color even more intense.

So, what did you think of my first post-baby look? And on what occasion would you wear this piece?