The bodysuit migrated from the beaches and gyms to streetstyle and gained versions with different fabrics, textures, colors, cutouts, and finishes – always adjusting to the body to compose the look in a stylish way and in all seasons. This piece goes well with different pants, shorts and skirts, from transparency to jeans and even tailoring. Check out some inspirations below!

Photo: @vicceridono

Bodysuit: Camila Coelho Collection

If you have a pool or beach party and want to escape the common combination: swimsuit + cover-up, bet on the bodysuit combined with a piece made of sheer fabric and details in pearls or glitter. There are several models of midi skirts ideal for this combo, ensuring a good fashionista look and freshness for hot days. On your feet, why not a pair of classic havaianas/flip-flops? If you prefer, you can also go for open shoes. For a more casual look, invest in sneakers!

For hot days, there’s nothing better than combining your bodysuit full of cutouts, skintight and/or colorful with a comfortable pair of jeans shorts – you can’t go wrong! This style of garment ends up making the look cooler, relaxed and even sexy – the face of summer! This look matches any type of footwear, from sneakers to heels.

Photo: @luisa

Two classics in a single look! For those who can’t do without comfort and practicality on a daily basis, just match your bodysuit, either with sleeves or spaghetti straps, with a pair of jeans in your favorite model. And if you want to balance your look, how about combining your feminine bodysuit with a pair of “heavier” shoes? For this, nothing better than wearing a pair of boots, a pair of Converse, or even a mule.

Photo:  @ciqulatacom

For a more elegant outfit or perfect for work days at the office, nothing better than wearing a bodysuit in a straight tone and modeling, replacing jeans for leather pants, tailoring, or even a flare. 

So, what kind of pieces do you love combining a bodysuit with?