Deodorant is an important product in the beauty routine, since it creates a barrier on the skin of the armpit, thus preventing unwanted odors (and even the dreaded sweat) from emerging throughout the day. But did you know that deodorant is directly linked to the health of the body?

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This is because, in recent years, the issue has been raised as to how conventional deodorants are filled with suspicious ingredients that can compromise human health. Then, the most natural deodorants entered the scene and even broke a taboo: sweating is not a bad condition for the body!

If you are a fan of natural beauty, but still don’t know how to make the transition from conventional deodorants to more natural ones, check out some tips and benefits of this change in your beauty routine below.

Difference between conventional vs. natural deodorants

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Conventional deodorants have chloride and aluminum salts in the formula, ingredients that inhibit the natural odor throughout the day, which is nothing more than the mixture of skin bacteria and sweat. In addition, aluminum clogs the pores of the armpits and unbalances the skin in the region.

Typically, these products also contain synthetic fragrances and other ingredients that can even have harmful effects on the ecosystem, not to mention causing skin irritations such as itchiness and redness. Nobody deserves that, right?

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Deodorants with more natural formulas on the other hand, usually have ingredients such as essential oils, butters, and others that do not harm the body, do not accumulate in the pores, and, in the long run, control bacteria and sweat produced by the body, without preventing perspiration. Oh, and of course, this type of product does not harm the ecosystem either! You can find this product in liquid, paste, spray, classic roll-on and even stone versions (the famous crystal!).

How to make the transition?

The transition from conventional to natural deodorant requires (a lot of) of patience. You may have to test a few formulas and versions of the product until you find the one you like best. Not to mention that the body goes through a chemical adaptation, since you are exchanging harmful substances for natural ones.

If you fear sweating more than you are used to, it may be best to make this transition during the winter, as sweat production is usually lower.

Before applying the product, wash and dry the armpits very well. Once a week, you can use an exfoliant or a vegetable loofah to deeply clean the region. Apply the product and voilà, more natural underarms, haha!

Oh, and remember: adaptation time varies from person to person. In the beginning, you may feel the need to reapply the product, so be sure to do so.

Product tip: Elaluz Clean Deodorant

Elaluz has a deodorant with a more natural formula and 100% clean, ideal for those who are transitioning from deodorant or want to choose an effective product for this stage of their beauty routine! The Clean Deodorant is a product rich in ingredients such as coconut and sage oils, essential to keep the underarm area fresh and soft, without letting product particles accumulate or cause stains on clothes. In addition, it is free of harmful ingredients to the body, which can damage and compromise the health and quality of the skin.

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Want more? For those who love practicality, Clean Deodorant is compact and made in a stick format, making the experience of applying the product much faster. This product also has a silky and light texture, effective for the day to day, powerful for the summer, and even for workout days.

Formulated with the delicate fragrance of the pink eucalyptus flower that gently sets on the skin without blocking the pores, yet allows the region to breathe all day long and prevents odor. The coconut oil in the formula is packed with nourishing vitamins, fatty acids, and is rich in antioxidants that moisturize and soothe the skin. In addition, sage oil is a naturally antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odor alternative, preventing the formation of odor-causing bacteria ensuring fresh, more protected armpits.

So, have you tried or do you want to make the transition to clean deodorants? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!