The holidays are right around the corner and so are many special traditions! One of them is the Advent Calendar, which is literally a calendar with little gifts that marks the countdown to Christmas Eve.

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

The first advent calendar appeared in Hamburg, around the 1900s, where pictures were pasted on a card, from the first of December to the 24th. To this day this kind of calendar is super popular in European countries and in the United States, but it has gained a certain upgrade, since you can find calendars for chocolate, alcoholic drinks, and our favorites: the skincare and make-up calendars!

Over the years, different brands and companies have created their own calendars, usually consisting of miniature and even full-size products.

These calendars are breathtakingly designed and even work perfectly as a beautiful decoration until Christmas Day. Want a calendar to call your own? Check out some options below:


Photo: Sephora


Photo: KIEHL’S

The Body Shop

Photo: The Body Shop

So, have you chosen your Advent Calendar for 2022?