10 January 2019

How to Achieve the Effect of False Eyelashes

Of course the year could not start without a beauty post with tips here on the blog for you, right ?! And this is one of those to jot down for a lifetime, after all, I’m sure it will guarantee a beautiful result in your makeup.

I always get a lot of questions from you guys about how I achieve lots of volume on my eyelashes without having to resort to fake lashes, after all, we don’t really have time to put them on on the day to day or we simply don’t want to go out with something so artificial, right? So, today I gathered some tips that help me a lot when I want to boost my eyelashes using mascara. Check it out:

Como Conquistar o Efeito de Cílios Postiços camila coelho

The first tip may seem strange but it is very important: for volume lashes do, not opt for a new mascaras. That’s it! The reason is that the new ones are more liquidy and after it is open and a few days used, most mascaras get a perfect texture, which is crucial to ensure a beautiful effect, so it is worth knowing that detail.

Como Conquistar o Efeito de Cílios Postiços camila coelho

Do a combo with two types of mascaras, for example one that gives volume and one that lengthens. Apply 1 layer to elongate the lashes, let it dry and then another layer to give volume. This mix ensures beautiful lashes. Some professional makeup artists recommend adding a layer of ordinary mascara on top of your waterproof one, so that the effect lasts all day.

Como Conquistar o Efeito de Cílios Postiços camila coelho

With a thin bevelled brush, take a bit of the mascara and go through the eyelid around the eyes as if to make a outline, but it leaves it with a smokey and almost invisible effect. This trick is easy and fast and will still guarantee more expression while looking and giving an impression of longer and voluminous lashes.

Finally, never forget the lower eyelashes, they are the ones that give the final touch and leaves a more charming and harmonious effect to the face. I like to apply leaving slight smudges. It looks beautiful!

What did you think of the tips?

Tell me in the comments below what are your tricks to ensure false eyelashes effect? I want to know!

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10 de January de 2019 às 4:20 pm

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gravatar Laura
10 de January de 2019 às 4:38 pm

Você passa hidratante perto dos cílios? Alguma dica pra ter cílios mais longos mesmo? Eu já reparei que pessoas com mais idade tem cílios curtos, enquanto crianças tem cílios maiores, considero que você seja uma pessoa que tem naturalmente cílios longos. Conta aí, o segredo! Hehe

10 de January de 2019 às 11:02 pm

This is so chic

gravatar Sumbul Amir
11 de January de 2019 às 6:38 am

Very helpful tips

gravatar Paula
11 de January de 2019 às 12:18 pm

Oi Camila! Adoro vc😊 não sou adepta dos cílios postiços pq tenho alergia à cola,apesar de que amo acho chique e elegante,morro de vontade de usar. Tenho cílios curtinhos e apelo pra todo tipo de máscara:volume,alongar… confesso que cílios postiços apesar de lindos mas muitas vezes dão um ar artificial e over ao look

gravatar Franci Pacheco
11 de January de 2019 às 1:00 pm

eu adorei as dicas, confesso que vivo em um dilema para deixar meus cílios bonitos

gravatar Jaqueline bilek
14 de January de 2019 às 2:14 am

Quero ganhar a paleta de sombra do video de recebidos. Adoro seu trabalho😗😗😗 inspira e da auto-estima.

15 de January de 2019 às 8:20 pm

Realmente incrível, Obrigado compartilha eu vi posso usar esses efeitos.

5 de April de 2019 às 10:42 am

acho lindo quem tem cílios grandes estou pensando em fazer alongamento nos meus…lindas fotos parabens…

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