Have you ever noticed that every season new trends emerge for the style and shape of eyebrows? Sometimes thinner, sometimes more voluminous and with the hairs styled in a new way, the shape of the eyebrows can completely transform our look and even our face.

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In recent years, Brow Lamination has become the favorite technique for those who love to highlight their brows in a natural, non-invasive and temporary way. “It’s an innovative practice that allows you to achieve more voluminous and uniform eyebrows, providing a renewed and elegant aesthetic to the face,” explains Marina Groke, beauty specialist.

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How it’s done

To shape, align and define the eyebrow hairs using this technique, the professional needs to follow a few steps, such as cleaning and preparing the hairs to receive the treatment. At this stage, the strands will be “straightened” and shaped in the desired direction.

Therefore, during this stage, the hairs are combed and fixed upwards, creating a more defined and voluminous shape for the eyebrows. Afterwards, a nourishing product is applied to condition the hair and ensure a healthy, shiny result.

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One of the main benefits of brow lamination is the ability to completely transform the look of the eyebrows temporarily. This technique allows the hairs to be shaped according to individual preferences, creating a more defined arch that lifts the eyes and fills in areas of the eyebrows that have gaps, providing a more voluminous and uniform appearance.

Photo: @angelic4silva

This treatment is temporary, which allows you to try different styles and shapes of eyebrows in a non-permanent, zero-invasive and painless way.

So, who was excited to ensure more aligned and voluminous eyebrows?