2017 is coming to an end and with it all the end of the year madness begins, both at work and in our social lives, right?! The holidays are fast approaching and not only am I beginning to think about Christmas decorations (which I love!) I also start  preparing makeup ideas to wear. Therefore, in order to help you begin planning, in today’s post I have selected some beautiful makeup ideas that I found on the internet that will help you to inspire and to end the year right.

I selected ideas for all styles and tastes, but its worth inspiring yourselves with these references and ultimately creating your own version.

Inspirações de Maquiagens para o Natal esfumado marro camila coelho

Starting with the almost everyone’s favorite: the brown smokey. If you do not want to go super bold, this is your best bet! And the good thing is that you can choose any shade of lipstick, from the palest to the super dark. If you want to give an extra oomph to the makeup, add some glitter. It will look beautiful!

Inspirações de Maquiagens para o Natal esfumado marro camila coelho

The warm shades have never been so IN as they are now, so take advantage and play with them. They leave any makeup with a more current vibe and has everything to do with Christmas celebrations.

Inspirações de Maquiagens para o Natal rosa millennial camila coelho

It is also worth trying out the Millennial Pink trend and creating an amazing look with this shade. It’s super pretty and delicate.

Inspirações de Maquiagens para o Natal delineador e batom vermelho camila coelho

For the more classic girls, the infallible combo: eyeliner + red lipstick. You can’t go wrong with this one and it leaves any look beautiful. If you like your makeup super basic but want to add a touch of color, use a lot of mascara and choose a dark lipstick.

What did you think of these makeup inspirations?