To build a makeup where your skin looks flawless and lasts throughout the day, did you know that before foundation, it is essential to prep your skin with a few products? This will directly impact the look of foundation, concealer, and even other products on the skin.

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Essential first step: a good and complete skincare routine! Never start your makeup with dirty and dehydrated skin, or your foundation will enhance the texture and even the cracked appearance of your skin. Just cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin and 50% of your “flawless and long-lasting makeup” will be guaranteed.

Thinking about makeup products, before applying foundation, start by prepping the skin with a primer. There are several options with different textures and finishes. This product basically leaves the skin texture more uniform and velvety, the perfect combo to receive the makeup. You can even choose a primer that has an extra function, such as closing pores, concealing fine lines, reducing redness, brightening the skin slightly…

Applying a little liquid or stick highlighter before foundation, in “high” points of the face, can leave the skin with an extra glow, bringing a more natural and even “healthy” look. To do this, apply the product by dabbing lightly on areas such as: temples, cupid’s bow, below the eyebrows and on the tip of the nose.

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Last but not least, before starting your makeup, don’t forget to use clean brushes! That’s right, even brushes and sponges impact the final makeup result, as they accumulate bacteria and thus can compromise skin health and even change the result of products on the skin. So, don’t forget to always clean your brushes with specific products after using them, okay?

What do you do to your skin before you start applying makeup?