I always get many requests from you wanting hairstyling tips for thin strands, if you are part this team, you know that worse than a bad hair day is learning to deal with strands with lack of texture, body and movement. For this reason, today’s post I separated some simple tricks that will make your challenge in leaving the hair with lots of volume in just a few steps. Let’s get to them!

Truques para Dar Mais Volumes aos Fios camila coelho

Photo: Chiara Ferragni

The first tip seems obvious, but it makes total difference! Always go for specific products for your hair type, be it shampoos, conditioners, masks, leave-ins and volumizers that promise body and texture. After al,l they are enriched with ingredients that act on the capillary structure helping to strengthen. Without this step, there is no miracle that leaves you with Gisele Bündchen’s hair! Haha.

Truques para Dar Mais Volumes aos Fios camila coelho4

Photo: Rayza Nicácio

Throwing your head down makes all the difference! I know it sounds strange, but when it comes to drying hair or even applying volumizing products, put your head down. This is a simple trick, but it helps to ensure a lot of volume in the root region. The tip also applies to the curls, but to keep the curls more defined, use a diffuser.

Truques para Dar Mais Volumes aos Fios camila coelho

Photo: Claire Marshall

Dry Shampoo is the best friend of a person with thin strands because in addition to this type of hair suffer from oiliness and this product helps to disguise, dry shampoo also has the power to leave the strands more full and textured. So go without fear and apply it head down for even better results.

Truques para Dar Mais Volumes aos Fios camila coelho3

Photo: Lucy Williams

Like dry shampoo, texturizers are great allies of fine strands. They are responsible for the messy hair and that effortless effect that we love.  Spray on wet strands before drying or even after your hair is dry!

Truques para Dar Mais Volumes aos Fios camila coelho5

Photo: Rebecca Laurey

Lastly, always remember that your haircut makes a total difference and helps a lot when it comes to leaving the strands with more volume. So always opt for cuts that allow you to leave the strands layered.

Did you jot down these tips? I want to see everyone rocking voluminous hair in 2018!