Facial tools get a lot of buzz claiming to solve a variety of different skin issues—some of which totally live up to the hype while others don’t seem to deliver much of a change. The latter always leaves you feeling disappointed when you’ve purchased a tool and use as recommended and still don’t see any results. But there are a few tools that not only live up to the hype, they’ve become absolute staples in my beauty routine and I use them all the time. From removing facial hair to combatting blackheads to controlling acne to contouring, they address all of my skin concerns and are actually easy to use. If any of these concerns apply to you, I highly recommend trying one of my favorite facial tools—I even created a Tik Tok video recently to highlight how amazing they are. Below are the 5 facial tools that actually work.

Wahl Face Hair Remover ($13): This personal hair remover is one of the best tools ever created—I use it on my mustache, forehead, basically my entire face. It removes all the hair from your face to reveal a smoother texture. Just watch how much better your makeup goes on after using it!

Tweezerman Blackhead Remover ($13): I use this once a week after I shower (while my pores are open) to remove blackheads gently and safely to help prevent breakouts. Picking at blackheads with your nails can damage your skin, so this little tool clears pores and prevents pimples without any worry of causing permanent scars.

Gua Sha Tool ($18): A rose quartz Gua Sha tool is amazing for lymphatic drainage and decreasing facial puffiness. It’s much more effective than a jade roller and extremely easy to use—here’s a quick video of the technique I use to lift and reduce puffiness with my fingers followed by the Gua Sha tool.

MDNA Beauty Roller ($200): This one is on the more expensive side but it’s seriously worth it—it gives your face an instant lift and helps contour. You can also use it on your body to lift, contour, and help define muscles.

High-Frequency Tool ($47): If you struggle with breakouts and acne, this is the tool for you. I use this high-frequency tool all over my face anytime I feel a breakout coming on and it works wonders—the pimple never actually appears!

5 Facial Tools That Actually Work Camila Coelho

What facial tool do you use the most? Let us know in the comments below!