If you love a more natural skin and like multifunctional products, lip tint may be an ideal product to include in your beauty routine. This product can be used on the lips, as blush and even eyeshadow. Check below how to use it to ensure a subtle effect on the skin.

Photo: Guita

Foto: Eu Total

For flushed cheeks and a slight “sunburned” look, apply a few drops of lip tint to the cheeks and center of the nose. Spread the product quickly with a beveled brush, or even your fingers.

If you want to use it as eyeshadow, apply two drops on your fingers and spread the product on the eyelid, patting it lightly. If you want a little more color, repeat the process. To make your eyes and skin look even healthier and fresher, apply an illuminator to the inner corner of your eyes and the tops of your cheekbones.

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Foto: Bianca Andrade

On the lips, you can use lip tint in a few ways:

Versatile, this product is available in liquid and gel textures, with different shades of reds, pinks, oranges and burgundies. Lip tint does not leave any shine or texture on the skin and as it is similar to a dye, the ideal is to build the coverage little by little, as the product dries quickly and can stain the skin.

Despite being one of the biggest beauty trends in recent times, the first lip tint was launched years ago, more precisely in 1977, by Benefit.