Have you heard of the Clean Beauty movement? It has emerged in recent years in the beauty market and includes new brands that have products free of substances considered harmful to the health of the skin and even the body. To identify these substances, different studies are conducted to prove their toxicity, and then they enter a “banned” list.

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Brands that follow this movement usually bet on a more transparent communication with the consumer, showing their list of ingredients with a safe and more natural origin. In addition, these brands can meet other requirements, such as: they are more conscious, they can be natural, organic and/or vegan. The ingredients that are usually out of the products of this type of brand are: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and silicones (but the list goes on!). These substances can irritate the skin and even cause hormonal imbalance.

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Product packaging is also another factor that impacts the purchase, so the brands in the Clean Beauty movement are also concerned about how their products will also impact the environment. With this, greener/eco alternatives are offered, where plastic is avoided and more sustainable options are offered, as in the case of refills.

Another characteristic of this movement is that consumers become more conscious about what they are consuming, thus avoiding excess products on the counter. Can you tell how many cosmetics you have and how many you actually use? Also, do you know how to read the label of these cosmetics and identify the main actives contained in them?

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Benefits of consuming Clean Beauty products

Besides avoiding possible allergies and skin irritations, by consuming products that are Clean Beauty, you avoid long-term problems and diseases, such as cancer and hormonal changes.

Clean Beauty started with smaller and artisanal brands, but little by little new brands have emerged and even some large companies are already trying to adapt to the movement. With this, the tendency is for those that are more conscious to survive, and the main thing: they are transparent with the consumer in all stages of product production. 

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Check out a few products that were born following the Clean Beauty movement (spoiler: Elaluz is on this list!). And of course, tell us in the comments: did you already know the movement? And did you already consume products free of “harmful” ingredients for the skin?