Did you know that with a few tricks and the right products, your makeup can last all day? Without major touch-ups, it is possible to have an impeccable makeup throughout, whether it is light or heavy. And of course, we tell you all about it in today’s post!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Skin prep starts in the skincare routine, with cleansing, moisturizing and protection – always with products suitable for your skin type. Of these, moisturizer is THE indispensable product, since it is essential to prepare the skin, ensuring that the other products do not leave creasing or even accumulate in the fine lines.

Photo: Rodrigo Zulatto and Léo Savi


Primer creates a film on the skin, preventing other products from accumulating in the pores. In addition, each primer has a different function, such as to even out the skin texture, leaving a velvety or slightly highlighted finish…

Photo: @fetumas

Photo: @fetumas

You can choose long-lasting products, or products with a lighter finish. The secret here is in how you are going to seal the skin. Translucent powder is the best option, as in addition to lasting longer on the skin, it doesn’t add color and still holds the shine for much longer.

To finish off your makeup – and ensure that your skin lasts all day – choose a finishing mist. This product is ideal for setting makeup for many hours, in addition to removing that powdery look, which leaves a more natural finish to the skin.

Extra tip: for eye makeup, bet on waterproof products. On the lips, go for matte lipsticks, which set better and last longer.

What go-to product do you use when you want your makeup to stay intact all day long?