Love it or hate it, Crocs are considered a fashion icon and have different powerful collabs with brands such as Balenciaga, Bad Bunny, Liberty London, Bretman Rock and even Benefit Cosmetics. If in 2010 the Times magazine elected it as “one of the 50 worst inventions in history”, today Crocs is the sales leader in the industry. Let’s learn a little more about the history of this brand?

Founded in 2002, Crocs was created by three sailing friends who were looking for a perfect shoe for use on boats: comfortable, non-slip, and water resistant. In fact, the footwear takes its name from its crocodile-like appearance.

Extremely comfortable, hygienic, and durable, the footwear soon sold out at retail outlets – even though its design divided opinions. Behold: In 2002, Crocs sold 200 pairs of sandals, and by 2017, 300 million people had bought at least one pair!

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Ariana Grande, and Natalie Dormer are some names who are fans of this footwear. Even Prince George was seen wearing a pair of Crocs, which ended up increasing sales by 1500%.

One of the great qualities of Crocs, soon became a disadvantage. Made of a durable material, people did not need new sandals, simply because the old ones would not wear out. Soon, the number of sales plummeted. Later, in addition to collabs with other brands and designers, the company created new footwear models – quite different from the classic sandals.

So, do you have a pair of Crocs to call your own, or would you rather let this trend pass?