Versatile, timeless and unique at the same time, jeans are iconic in the closet and are present in different pieces, with numerous fits and allowing for different combinations! However, due to the high resistance of the classic denim fabric, did you know that jeans are of European origin (they were born there in 1500, in France) and were initially created to compose the resistant uniform of field workers and sailors for long trips?

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Later, around 1873, the classic classic jeans “migrated” to the United States and were patented by the tailor Jacob Davis and by the owner of a fabric factory, Levi Straus, owners of the jeans we know to this day, made with a dyed fabric as well as sturdy pockets and rivets. Years later, in 1928, they registered the Levi’s name as a trademark.

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It wasn’t until 1934 that the first women’s jeans appeared, the Lady Levi’s (which still exists today), which was made from pre-shrunk denim and produced with many characteristics of men’s 501® jeans. They owe their feminine glow to an elegantly high, fitted waist.

Have you ever wondered why there is a smaller pocket inside your front pocket on your jeans? It was created to hold nails and coins, as well as to protect pocket watches, which were often used in the past.

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Classic jeans have an indigo hue, which lies between violet and blue. With just one drop it is possible to dye a pair of pants. This color never goes out of style and is so timeless that it can be combined with countless styles of shoes, garments, and accessories in the final look. Oh, and the dye comes from the “Indigus” flower.

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If in the past jeans were only used to make pants, today we can find them on jackets, shirts, tops, shorts, skirts and other pieces and even accessories, such as ecobags! Which one is your favorite?

Despite being a classic to this day, jeans were once controversial. This is because, until the 50’s, the piece couldn’t be worn in environments such as theaters, churches and balls, seen as a symbol of rebellion. Later, famous people like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Audrey Hepburn were the first to wear the piece, which thus became a fashion trend.

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The first brand to take jeans to the runway was Calvin Klein, which made a show exclusively with denim pieces, in 1970.

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At how old were you when you wore your first jeans, and what do you love most about denim?