Flats have certainly been a part of your look at one time or another. Trendy for many years, this shoe is known for its delicate styling and comfort, as well as different colors and prints. Versatile, flats go with different looks and even styles, but for a while it fell into oblivion in the fashion community. 

The point is that now, in the middle of 2022, like other famous trends in the 2000s, this shoe model also promises to come back in full force – again in different looks, from everyday to more elaborate productions. Want to remember how to wear flats? Check out some looks below!

Photo: @vicceridono

Photo: @vicceridono

Far beyond the basic everyday looks, flats also work very well with more formal and elaborate looks,such as powerful party dresses or more elegant ensembles, such as suits and silk and linen pieces. 

To make the flats “disappear” in the look, just choose a shade similar to the outfit. Now, if you want it to stand out, choose a more flashy color and prefer more neutral pieces of clothing.

Photo:  @jeannedamas

Now, if you want a look that follows the delicacy of flats, but has a sensual touch at the same time, bet on the classic midi dress more fitted to the body. This duo can be worn on different occasions, adding elegance and style!

Photo: @alexachung

Photo: @jeannedamas

Are you on vacation, enjoying the hot days that only a good summer provides, but don’t want to leave style aside? Swap the flip-flops for flats! If you don’t have much space in your suitcase, the tip is to take a more neutral pair, the one that “goes with everything”, you know? You can wear them with loose fitting shirts, beach shorts, and even a good pair of jeans!

Photo: @alexachung

“And can you wear flats during winter?” Of course! To rock these days, without leaving comfort aside and to not get cold, you can wear your flats with a good stylish and warm sock! Since part of the socks will be showing, choose a different fabric, a print… as you prefer!

So, will you embrace the return of the flats? With which pieces did you most often use this shoe?