Before choosing a body care product, do you research what ingredients it contains? In recent years, the Clean Beauty movement – responsible for inspiring clean, ethical beauty that cares about nature and the health of the body – has been questioning the ingredients present in the formulas of conventional antiperspirants. 

So did you know that this type of product is often high in aluminum, parabens and other ingredients that can be toxic to the body, even causing skin irritation and redness?

But don’t worry, because several brands already have deodorants with clean formulas and free of these toxic ingredients, in addition to, of course, protecting the skin and controlling the bad odor produced throughout the day!

Understand the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants:

The deodorant will reduce the amount of bacteria and moisture in the armpits, but without closing the pores in the area, thus allowing the skin to “breathe”. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, have aluminum salts in their composition and create a barrier in the pores, thus preventing the elimination of sweat by the sweat glands – which can be harmful to the body and toxic on some levels! Best avoided, right?

If you are looking for all-day freshness and odor protection, the time to try a more natural deodorant, free of harmful ingredients (to the body and the environment), is now! 

Meet Elaluz’s Clean Deodorant, a product with a more natural and 100% clean formula. Rich in ingredients such as coconut and sage oils, this product keeps the underarm area fresh and soft, without letting product particles build up or causing stains on clothes.

And of course, it is free of ingredients that are harmful to the body, such as aluminum, baking soda, and other ingredients that can harm and compromise the health and quality of the skin.  

Check out Elaluz Clean Deodorant:

Compact and made in a stick format, making the experience of applying the product much more practical and faster, this product is ideal for everyday use, powerful for the summer or for training days. Elaluz‘s Clean Deodorant has a silky texture, does not block pores and even allows the armpit to breathe all day long – without odor!

Check out other aluminum-free deodorants to try:

Rio Deo by Sol de Janeiro:

A product that promises to prevent odor by neutralizing bacteria while soothing the delicate underarm area. With papaya enzyme in the formula, this product visibly evens out skin tone and fights ingrown hairs.

Kopari Natural Coconut:

A product formulated with activated charcoal, which acts as a magnet to remove toxins from the pores, in addition to calming the region and helping to reduce odor.

Biossance Squalane + Magnesium:

Is toxin-free and high-performance product, with a powerful and effective formula to protect against odors for 24 hours, besides having a soft and smooth application.

Those who are used to antiperspirant may find it strange the initial weeks using only deodorant, but it’s only a matter of time until the body adapts. You won’t regret this important transition!

Tell me: have you tried more natural deodorants? If yes, what did you think and how was this process?