Who has never slept with makeup on? However, know that this is the first of the skin cleansing ritual, essential to remove everyday impurities, as well as the beauty products used previously.

The friction of the face with the pillow and sleeping with makeup, is a combo that only generates negative effects on the skin, as it clogs the pores, causes allergies, irritations and of course, the dreaded acne.

Therefore, it is essential to double cleanse the skin at the end of the day, opting for products that do this in a gentle way. Start by using a make-up remover, such as micellar water, cleansing oil, or make-up remover cream – there’s no shortage of options, right?

Each option can be applied in a different way on the skin, either with the help of a cotton pad, a towel or even with your own hands. Tip: as the eye makeup is usually more resistant, be patient and allow a few seconds for the products to “melt”, so it is easier to remove them completely.

Then choose a cleanser specific to your skin type. This product removes makeup remover residues, removes excess oil from the skin and also prevents the emergence of skin diseases, leaving the skin properly balanced and healthy.

Cleanser can also have active ingredients that help keep the skin supple and moisturized. And remember: a clean and healthy skin is important even for the makeup to look more beautiful and natural.

Did you know that by properly cleansing the skin, soap helps prepare the skin so that other beauty products and makeup can be absorbed and set on the skin better?

But if you are still not convinced that it is indispensable to clean your skin very well every night, check out what else can happen to your skin when you choose to sleep with makeup on:

So, have we convinced you? Run to your vanity and grab your makeup remover – and don’t forget the cleanser afterwards!