A good skincare routine makes all the difference for the health, quality and texture of the skin. For this, there are specific products and treatments for skin at each age, since the skin’s characteristics change with each decade.

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To deal with the various skin phases over time, check out the tips from dermatologist Dr. Fayruss Costa, who explains what care is needed to maintain healthy and beautiful skin at different ages.

At the age of 20

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According to Dr. Costa, at 20 years of age the skin has a lot of vigor, shine and support, since it is full of collagen. Therefore, in this phase, you can only care for and treat specific skin features, such as the dreaded acne. “Another interesting feature of this phase is that it becomes necessary to use sunscreen and establish a skincare routine. In addition to home care, at 20, it is interesting to perform skin cleansing, if necessary, and more delicate treatments, such as LEDs, to stimulate skin cell renewal”, he adds.

At the age of 30

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With the arrival of the 30s, the skin begins to show the first signs of aging, such as loss of elasticity and natural moisture. Therefore, the first wrinkles and expression lines may appear. This indicates that it is time to start using more specific products to “control”, treat, and even prevent the appearance of the first signs. “At 30, it is interesting to introduce the use of anti-aging creams, soft exfoliators to help cell renewal and even a serum with vitamin C and other antioxidants, in addition to body health care, such as drinking plenty of water and eating well,” explains Fayruss.

At the age of 40

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Did you know that the slowing down of collagen production starts at the age of 25? Thus, at 40, the skin has already lost a considerable amount of this protein. “With this, it is necessary, besides the mandatory use of sunscreen, to use cell renewers, such as acids, collagen stimulators, and reinforce the use of antioxidants, so that they help the skin in this process, providing more quality and firmness,” he points out.

From age 50 and up

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From this age on, the skin begins to suffer more intensely the impacts of the hormonal changes that began at 40. In addition, natural processes such as menopause can make the dermis more fragile and flaccid. To mitigate these consequences, cellular renewers are recommended, such as retinoic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants. “It is also recommended to intensify the use of collagen stimulators and hydration, because the skin will become much thinner and drier,” said the doctor.

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Extra tip: “If you can use anything to keep your skin healthy, it’s sunscreen, at all ages. Be sure to use it”, concludes Costa.

So, which skin care stage are you in?