Foundation is an essential makeup item for those who want uniform skin, that is, with blemishes and redness properly covered, and can even disguise other points that you do not want to highlight in the final production.

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However, to achieve this (almost) flawless skin, it is essential to prepare it beforehand, betting on a complete skincare routine and a primer – which will help to set the foundation better. Speaking of which, did you know that there are a variety of foundation finishes and coverages? Therefore, it is important to test them to understand which one suits your needs and your skin type. Learn about the different types of foundations below.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is super versatile and works for different skin types. That’s because, this type of product can be found in different finishes and even allows the construction of layers, serving those who like from a matte to a luminous skin, going from light to the highest coverage.

And more: this type of foundation can be applied with different types of brushes and even with the famous makeup sponge.

Cream Foundation

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If you are a fan of a heavier coverage, the cream foundation may be ideal for you! But beware: it will not give a natural effect to the skin, but it will effectively camouflage all the “imperfections”. Usually this type of foundation is used for evening events and even for photos and videos.

Compact Powder Foundation 

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The compact powder foundation is super suitable for those who like practicality and prefer a matte skin, but without drying it out. Easy to carry wherever you go, you can use this product for touch-ups throughout the day and it also allows for layering depending on the tool you choose to use to apply it. So, a thick brush or sponge will give you higher coverage, while a brush with looser bristles will give you a lighter finish.

Foundation Balm

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The foundation balm has a creamy/pasty texture and is newer to the beauty market. It can also be a great choice for those who do not dispense practicality in everyday life and deliver a medium to high coverage. This type of foundation usually gives a matte finish and is very effective, and can be applied with different brushes and even with the fingers. 

Foundation Stick  

The foundation stick is a classic in makeup and can be used on the entire face, or even occasionally, acting as a concealer. You can find versions that deliver full coverage to the skin, or even for a natural and velvety finish, without compromising on coverage. To spread the product is simple: choose a kabuki brush, sponge or even your hands.

So, what’s your favorite foundation type? And with which tool do you usually apply this product to the skin?