Rain or shine, keeping your bangs flawless can be a daily challenge. Also, clean, out of place, dry or even oily, this part of the hair makes all the difference on the face, highlighting the region. Therefore, with a few simple tricks, it is possible to leave your hair always beautiful, clean and with the strands in the place you want. Check it out!

Maintenance: unlike cutting the length of the hair, bangs require more frequent maintenance, which can be done every 30 or 60 days, since the strands “lose” the cut due to accelerated growth.

Cleaning: again, unlike the length of the hair, the bangs are more exposed to sweat and the skin’s natural oils, so you’ll have to wash these strands more frequently, like every one or two days. For a quicker fix, you can opt for the classic dry shampoo.

Hydration: bangs also calls for a weekly moisturizing mask, in order to avoid dryness and split ends. But do not apply too much product and much less close to the roots, thus preventing the hair from becoming oily and heavy. The same goes for the amount of other creams, conditioners and leave-ins applied, so remember: less is more.

How to dry: after protecting your bangs with a good thermal protector (with 90% dry hair), if you wear your hair to the side, dry them in both directions (with the help of a brush), the direction of growth and the opposite direction, in order to achieve a more natural finish. For the classic straight bangs, it is also worth brushing it on both sides and then downwards. This helps prevent the strands from sticking to the forehead.

PS: If you have curly hair, either type 2, 3, or 4, you can use a combing cream to do the styling. Also, the curly bangs can be finished along with the rest of the hair and you can let it dry naturally or use a curl diffuser.

Finalize with a flat iron: with the bangs 100% dry and properly protected with a thermal protector, separate the strands into thin strands and move the iron from root to tip. When you reach the tips, turn the iron outward or inward, according to the desired finish and your bang style.

No time to fix your bangs? Go for accessories! You can pull your bangs back and secure them with a tiara or hair clips.

So, how do you usually take care of your bangs?