Maintaining a hair care routine helps the health of the hair and even the scalp. And beyond the shower, hair care and maintenance should also be done before bedtime, in order to guarantee a night’s sleep that also helps in hair treatment. Check out the following tips shared by hairstylist Fernando Torquatto and Brazilian brand Amend, indicated for high performance and hair care in different stages of the beauty routine:

Phot0: Unsplash

1. Dry the strands completely

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

Sleeping with damp or wet hair is not an option, right? This leaves the hair more fragile and exposed to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria – both on the scalp and on the pillowcase itself. Moreover, the scalp ends up developing seborrheic dermatitis, which is the inflammation in the skin that causes flaking and redness of the region. And more: this habit can also cause hair loss, because of the friction of wet hair with the pillow.

Did you know that hair takes, on average, 24 hours to dry completely naturally? Therefore, apply a thermal protectant on the entire length and dry your hair completely with a hair dryer before going to sleep.

2. Use a silk turban/bonnet 

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The satin cap is a great accessory to control those frizzy strands. In addition, the cap helps against loss of moisture and natural oiliness of the scalp, being an excellent ally to avoid tangles and keep the definition of the hair intact.

3. Hairstyles for bedtime are allowed

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Some hairstyles are allowed for the night’s sleep. With comfortable elastic bands and without tying the strands tightly (so as not to cause breakage), you can make low buns or even braids, waking up the next morning with light waves in your hair. “For strands with less volume, the best choice is bigger, thicker braids. The smaller braids, on the other hand, form small curls and, consequently, a larger volume”, indicates Torquatto.

4. Night Humectation

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Humectation is nothing more than the use of vegetable oils all over the hair in order to nourish and strengthen the strands. This technique is indicated for all hair types, textures, and colors, but especially for dry, dry, and frizzy hair, leaving it softer and shinier.

“The first step is to divide the hair into parts, to make it easier when applying. Then just apply the oil by coating each strand. The tip is to concentrate the application on the length and ends of the strands. When you wake up, just wash your hair as usual, removing the oil with the usual procedure, applying shampoo and conditioner”, explains the specialist.

5. Moisturize your hair while you sleep

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Nowadays there are some products responsible for taking care of the hair during the hours of sleep, such as protein masks and different hair oils. The nightly hydration, besides being practical and efficient, is responsible for returning moisture to the hair fiber, ensuring shine, softness, and manageable hair the next day.

So, what hair care habits have you adopted before bed?