Have you undergone chemical hair procedures that altered the structure of your hair and now you want them to return to their natural curvature? To do so, it is essential to go through the hair transition, a process where hair chemicals are set aside, making room for new cuts (in order to remove the strands with chemicals) and products that help keep the hair hydrated, in addition to hairstyles that “disguise” different hair textures..

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To start the transition, you must choose between: cutting the strands that are still chemically treated (known as the big chop) or opting for the natural transition, keeping the chemically treated part until it is the desired size to make the cut. Below, check out some important tips for doing the hair transition.

Big chop

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The big chop is ideal for those who don’t want to spend months with two hair textures during the hair transition. In that case, the strands are super short and must be done by an expert hairdresser, who will evaluate and suggest the best cut options for your hair type.

Cronograma Capilar

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The hair chronogram is a protocol made with treatment masks indicated for the specific needs of the hair and are used in three steps: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. Each stage of the schedule is done alternately during hair washes and each mask will be used according to what your hair needs.

To understand which steps your hair is asking for more at that moment, it is essential to do a strand porosity test.

Umectação dos Fios

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In addition, you can also include humectation before washing your hair. This process is done as follows: separate the hair into sections and apply vegetable oil along the entire length to the ends, ensuring that the strands are covered by the product.

Let the oil act in the hair for at least two hours, then wash the hair with shampoo to remove all the oil, apply the conditioner, and finish the hair as usual. What is the result? Shinier, softer, frizz-free hair!

So, are you or have you gone through the hair transition?