Skincare routine directly impacts the effect of makeup on our skin.This is because good cleansing and moisturizing of the skin ensure a good makeup finish and thus a more beautiful and even natural result. And for this, it only takes three simple steps! Check it out:

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Properly cleansed skin is the best bet for products to last longer on the face. To do this, bet on cleansing the skin with micellar water to remove any residue from other products and impurities, proceed to the facial cleansing gel or soap and finally, tone the skin to rebalance its pH, leaving the skin properly prepared for the following steps.

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Moisturizing is essential so that the foundation or concealer does not leave a dry or oilier than normal skin appearance during the day, besides ensuring its durability and natural glow.

Moreover, not hydrating the face causes the skin to absorb any water present in the composition of the products, which can cause even more oiliness.

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After Makeup

After finalizing your makeup, there’s nothing better than using a setting mist, this way you can ensure that your makeup lasts longer, powdery aspect of the skin, gets an extra touch of hydration, and even protects the skin.

Ah, just don’t forget to remove all the makeup after a long day, okay? To do this, just repeat the cleansing procedures ((it’s worth betting on a good makeup remover before the cleansing gel). It is important not only to clean the face, but also the eye area and even the neck.

Which skincare step do you love most before makeup?