20 February 2018

Natural tips to detoxify the body after the End of Year festivities

Now we can say that 2018 has finally begun, right?! Haha! The festivities ended and it’s time to chase our dreams and goals, we have 1 full year ahead to accomplish everything that we want and more! But before you go on that “chase” nothing better than to take a few moments for you and detoxify the body and the mind, after all, after days of celebrations it is normal to feel that feeling of tiredness and body swelling. So for this reason, on today’s post I brought some natural and super efficient tips that will detoxify your body from the inside out and help you return to the routine with total focus. Let’s check them out?

Dicas Naturais para Desintoxicar o Corpo das Festas de Fim de Ano e Carnaval camila coelho alimentacao

Photo: Remedies For Me

1- The first tip could not be any different: Watch what you eat.  Now is the time for your body to receive only natural and free of pesticides foods. Base your supply in raw fruits and vegetables, after all they offer vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes and antioxidants, which are very suitable for promoting cellular regeneration and helps keep our blood clean.

Dicas Naturais para Desintoxicar o Corpo das Festas de Fim de Ano e Carnaval camila coelho suco detox

Photo: Self

2- How about you start your day with a delicious Green juice? There are several recipes on the internet and the good thing about this juice is that it accelerates the detoxification process. I usually take mine in the morning while still in fasting. Not to mention that I feel my body renewed and I am much more willing to do things. The teas are also great allies when it comes to body detox, after all,  your body needs to recover. My favorites are: moringa tea, green tea, hibiscus and horsetail.

Dicas Naturais para Desintoxicar o Corpo das Festas de Fim de Ano e Carnaval camila coelho agua

Photo: Bleibe Effektiv

3- Drink lots of water! This tip is for life, after all, water is the only thing that helps hydrate the body properly. The recommended is 2 to 3 liters per day. For those who cannot or do not remember drink it, buy a 1 liter or more bottle and take it wherever you go, or leave it next to your computer during work hours. This step will help you and certainly will make all the difference in your body and skin.

Dicas Naturais para Desintoxicar o Corpo das Festas de Fim de Ano e Carnaval camila coelho SPA DAy

Photo: Be Ferreira

4- Speaking of skin, how about a SPA day at home?   Separate your favorite hair mask, your skin products with high power of hydration and a body exfoliant. Take a relaxing bath and enjoy this moment to take care of you. You deserve and need it!

Dicas Naturais para Desintoxicar o Corpo das Festas de Fim de Ano e Carnaval camila coelho sono

Photo: Feliz com Você

5- Finally, sleep well! There is nothing better than getting a good night’s sleep. Disconnect from the world, turn off all electronics and sleep early. You need to quality sleep and for this to happen it is worth betting on meditation, in a dark room and on the best bed sheets!

What did you think of the tips?

What do you think of putting into practice today and who knows, maybe make these tips a habit for the rest of the year or for the entire life?

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gravatar Tamires Amorim
20 de February de 2018 às 12:27 pm

É assim que sefala Camila !! Asaúde em primeiro lugar… Já sou adepta a algum tempo dos sucos detox pela manhã e frutas, também bebo bastante agua. Há exatamente 11 anos, perdi 33 kg e até hoje graças a Deus manntenho meu peso de 52 kg firme e forte haha!!! Super dica a sua!! Bjooos minha flor !!!!

20 de February de 2018 às 12:54 pm

love this!

20 de February de 2018 às 1:23 pm


gravatar Josiane Santiago
20 de February de 2018 às 1:57 pm

Dicas maravilhosas! Obrigada por compartilhar suas dicas com a gente, vou aproveitar todas elas!

gravatar Maria Adelaide
20 de February de 2018 às 8:03 pm

Boas dicas. Obrigada por partilhar!

21 de February de 2018 às 5:08 am

Great post as always! x


gravatar Franci Pacheco
6 de April de 2018 às 1:29 pm

dicas mega valiosas, amei!

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